Prototype Monitoring Vibrasi, Temperatur dan Jam Kerja pada Elektromotor Berbasis IoT


  • Ahmad Mahfud Politeknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi
  • Muhammad Syendi Ariansyah Politeknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi


Elektromotor, Prototipe berbasis IoT, Vibrasi, Temperatur, Jam kerja.


Electromotors or electric motors are often found in various industries. Optimal performance of the electromotor is very important for the smooth running of the process and preventing unwanted damage. Therefore, proper monitoring and maintenance is necessary to ensure the reliability and working efficiency of the electromotor. Important aspects in electromotor monitoring include vibration, temperature and working hours. Excessive vibration can be an indicator of imbalance, wear on bearings, and other mechanical problems. Abnormal temperatures can indicate high motor amperes. Working hours that exceed the limit will indicate that the machine must be repaired. The methods used in this research are system identification, hardware design, software design, prototype testing. From this research, a prototype will be produced that can monitor vibration, temperature and working hours on IoT-based electromotors. The prototype that has been designed can be developed on machines that use electromotors.


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